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QVERSE software system is built on five fundamental principles:
The heart of the total software system is an PaaS based, highly scalable solution for clickstream analysis and ad-tracking. Qverse selected Azure as the main infrastructure component resulting Qverse being selected by the Microsoft BizSpark Plus program. The system’s high performance is achieved by using and applying:
  • Polyglot persistence with an eventual consistency model
  • Microservices oriented architecture
  • Distributed system approach
  • Caching mechanisms
  • Granular control over all processes and flows
A highly efficient software development is reached through microservices oriented architecture and the “design by components” approach. This enables fast and easy replication, replacement and extension of any existing part of the system.
The system is redundant ready, which means that it can be efficiently duplicated from infrastructure perspective and replicated from data perspective. It includes a dynamic adaptable availability level due to the scalability properties embedded. A very robust reliability is delivered by possessing redundancy and availability at the highest level.

Protect 365

We utilize Next Generation real-time Fraud Prevention to protect your most valuable Advertising Dollars.
Protect365 is developed by data scientists and BI specialists, combining machine learning and human expertise. Our experts have identified patterns and developed strategies to prevent the ever-rising level of mobile ad fraud.AI & human intelligenceThere’s no substitute to human intelligence. That’s why our AI framework uses a three-pillowed approach supported by data, insights and real human intervention, making it more accurate and fail proof than any other solution in the market.
The proprietary solution enables us to monitor clicks in real-time in order to block and deterfraudulent clicks and app installs.Scanning hundreds of millions of data points daily, it monitors compliance metrics including:
  1. Conversion rate
  2. Session IP duplicate
  3. Post back authentication
  4. CTIT distribution
  5. OS version and distribution
  6. Behavioral data on post install events
  7. Device acceleration
Machine Learning Technology helps to flag and reject traffic which is not matching pre-defined KPIs and IAB standards.Reduce fraud without affecting scaleSmart Protection filters out only fraudulent installs while letting the clean installs through using advanced AI models. This ensures your scale is not adversely affected and your supply inventory is secured.

Ad Specs

We’re committed to continuously deliver a qualitative and innovative ad experience by utilizing new ad formats that give high engagement and reliable ROI to our marketers and publishers.
Our clients can choose between native, push notifications, web native, pop-under, interstitial and banner ads. We recommend trying all of them to find the right ones that suit your audience and bring the best performance to your campaigns or inventory.

High Performing & Innovative ad formats

  • Push Notifications

  • Native Ads

  • Interstitial

  • Skyscraper

  • Rectangle

  • Leaderboard

150+ Technology Partners

Qverse allows ad network, agencies and analytics partners to receive and push conversion data from their marketing campaigns via a postback API. All our Partner integrations are set up dynamically and can be created for any ad network partner or campaign with minimum preparation time.
Talk to us to learn more about how to become a Technology, Demand or Supply Partner and utilize the full power of our dynamic API integration.

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