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Utilize the enormous reach and exact targeting of social media and search advertising for lead generation, customer loyalty and branding.
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Why Social & Search Advertising ( SoSA )

Usage of social networks such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Xing , LinkedIN Instagram etc. is continuously increasing. Therefore, advertising on social media channels for B2B companies is more important than ever before.
Social media channels have an enormous reach and offer segmentation and targeting possibilities like no other medium. Qverse experts advise you in the conception and implementation of social advertising campaigns that are precisely tailored to your campaign goals and target audience.

Segmentation & Targeting

Nowhere else do users share as much data and information as they do in social media networks. Leveraging psychographic and demographic data, Qverse can help you create wide-ranging segmentation and targeting options that can be used for individualized social media ad campaigns. We help you not only address target groups with social media advertising, but also reach specific buyer persona segments. Cut through the noise! Reduce wasted impressions in your campaigns and increase campaign KPIs.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Facebook possesses a huge amount of demographic, psychographic and behavioral data that is constantly updated and added to user profiles. Therefore, the platform offers the most far-reaching possibilities for target group selection and targeting:
  • Core Audience

    Addressing a target group manually based on demographic data, interests and/or behaviors.

  • Custom Audience

    Existing contacts and customers are addressed to deepen the customer relationship and increase conversion.

  • Target group expansion through "lookalike" audience

    This addresses "statistical twins" that are very similar to your existing contacts (custom audience).

Apple Search Advertising

Business networks such as LinkedIn are particularly interesting for social advertising in the B2B environment, as many B2B decision-makers are represented there with detailed and always up-to-date data. They provide excellent opportunities for lead generation through targeting, e.g. by industry, group or job title.
  • Account targeting

    Using account based marketing, decision makers of target companies can be addressed directly.

  • Contact targeting

    Your own contacts and customers are matched with your LinkedIn profile and then specifically addressed.

  • Target group expansion

    Also within LinkedIn it is possible to create a "lookalike audience".

  • Re-Targeting

    Visitors to your company website are addressed again on LinkedIn with personalized content.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is not only the world's largest video platform, but is also the second largest search engine after Google. Two billion videos are viewed daily on YouTube. YouTube is particularly suitable for branding campaigns, as moving images can convey far more emotional messages. YouTube offers different advertisement formats, such as display network, search and video announcements.
  • Display & video ads

    Are placed on the right side or above the list of video suggestions.

  • In-Stream ads

    They are played at the beginning or during a video.

  • In-display ads

    They appear above search results or next to suggested videos.

  • Video re-marketing

    Retargeteting of Video ads with an audience that already interacted with your brand.

  • Overlay ads

    An advertising message is displayed semi-transparently above the video.

  • Bumper ads

    These 6-second videos cannot be skipped.

Ready to get started?

At Qverse, we offer you complete flexibility to start simple & small, yet scale and optimize without limits. Contact us today to find out more.

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