Utilize precise targeting and achieve highest click through rates with our self-service ad platform. Manage your campaign on the spot in real time.
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The future of advertising is here

Through Qverse´s DirectDrive™ industry-leading infrastructure for self-service advertising, global enterprise publishers and brands can secure future scalability in a controlled way. Utilize the full power of ad network mediation, direct supply & programmatic real-time ad buying.

We created a self-service ad platform where everything is up to advertisers: inventory selection & placement, configuration of targeting options, and campaign management. Achieve more from media buying organizing your ad campaigns independently. Launch as many ad buying campaigns as you need and change them in real-time according to your budget, schedule or business objectives.

Qverse Protect365™

Delivering fraud free inventory is mission. Our engineers have developed and integrated our Fraud Prevention Suite: Qverse Protect365™ that analyses every single impression, click, install and user engagement, preventing fraud and loss of valuable marketing budgets, without the need for human intervention. 

A solution adapted to fit into your business


In today’s media landscape, we believe it’s crucial for global enterprise publishers and brands to take control of their most valuable assets – data. Our infrastructure enables the transition from the traditional way of selling media, to a more cost-efficient model without losing control of data or the relationship with the advertiser.


We have a long experience and deep knowledge of what self-service can do for your business. This means we can support you in every single phase, all the way from technology and development to strategy, marketing and management. This is how we bring self-service to the advertising market.


Through deep market analysis and many years of business experience, we know what is important for today’s customers: scalability, cost control and ROI. Our self-service infrastructure is therefore completely customizable and white labeled, meaning you have a fully adaptable solution ready to be integrated into your current business. All this regardless of branding, business logic and internal AdOps systems.


Your strategy for go-to-market is crucial for you to be successful with self-service. This is regardless if you want to increase your margins by transferring revenues from direct sales or find new revenues from Advertiser segments that you don’t have today. We know how important this is and have dedicated teams whose entire focus is to implement the best go-to-market strategy for each customer.

Self-serve Ad Platform Dashboard

Campaign Builder
Inventory Selection
Build your campaign the way you need
Click & Target. Utilize our wide range of targeting options.
  • Enable Auto-Piloting for easy campaign management
  • Block Carrier & device types as you wish
  • Utilize Hyper Local Targeting features
Utilize the full reach of Programmatic and Ad Mediation relationships
Click & Mix. Select on the go and optimize along with performance
  • 100% Transparent
  • Real-time programmatic Supply
  • Wide range of Ad Mediation Inventory

Visitor targeting options

  • Geo Targeting

    Receive visitors from specific countries, states or cities.

  • Category Targeting

    Target your product or service for specific industries or topics.

  • Browser Targeting

    Get visitors from specific browsers or an exclusion list.

  • Device Targeting

    Target mobile, tablet and desktop devices via operating systems.

  • Domain Targeting

    Receive traffic from targeted domain names and sources only.

  • App targeting

    Make a whitelist and receive visitors from targeted apps only.

  • Carrier Targeting

    Target audience by specific carriers and Wi-Fi connections.

  • Supply Targeting

    Run your campaigns on Web or In-app inventory types.

Ready to get started?

At Qverse, we offer you complete flexibility to start simple & small, yet scale and optimize without limits. Contact us today to find out more.

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