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Mobile first performance marketing company opens a new office


TAB has started 2018 with some exciting news – the opening of our new office in Seoul, South Korea! We are glad to announce that Sooah Lee has joined our team as a Senior Account Manager and started the growth of our new office. TAB is already present in Berlin, Santa Monica and India so a move into South Korea was a natural progression as we already have several clients in that region.  

TAB has big plans to expand the new office and create a new hub for widening our operations in Asia. Sooah is proud of making good progress and taking on the responsibility. Being the first employee in a new country is always a challenge but she expects TAB and herself to grow exponentially along with the excitement of working with global intelligence. Sooah has already started with the expansion of local business and clientele, additionally to getting general things ready – translation, back and forth emails, and most importantly building a positive relationship with future and current partners.  

To make the opening of the new office as smooth as possible, Scott Park, our Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer from TAB’s office in Santa Monica, visited Seoul during one of the coldest weeks in South Korean history. Scott had this to share about the recent expansion - “South Korea has understandable, clear and orderly regulations familiar to the Western world and it was safest to start from there due to cost and productivity”. Some of the noticeable things he experienced during his visit was the high usage of mobile phones, some carrying two phones around as well as Apple launching their first store in Seoul!  

 Are you interested in working with TAB or joining our team? Email us at korea@tab.company and we will be happy to meet you in Seoul.

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