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Meet our intern, Sarah Haughey

Sarah Haughey has joined TAB for a 6-week internship before starting University and experienced working in a startup in Berlin in mobile marketing. Now that her internship is over, we sat down to talk about her experience and what she has learnt from working in our team.


Our Q&A With Sarah:

QWhere are you from and what part of your career path are you on?

A: I am from outside of Nashville in USA, where I just graduated from high school and decided to take a gap year. I am going to be going to The University of Texas at Austin. Since I will be studying business and I have some time before I need to choose my track, I thought it would be amazing to try myself out working in mobile marketing to help me narrow down my choices and focus on what I genuinely enjoy doing. During my gap year I did a 2-week tour of Europe, then I went to Barcelona for 6 weeks where I was learning Spanish, followed by 6 weeks in Costa Rica doing a community service. After some more traveling in between I ended up in Berlin, at TAB.

Q: What exactly did you do at TAB and how did your internship go?

A: I did a 6-week internship at TAB, it is definitely not long enough to go deeper into the tasks and the industry. Nevertheless, I learnt a lot. I have been mostly working with Gabriela Lock and her team of Account Managers. Some of my tasks included testing offers, preparing them and pushing them live. I have also helped with some research and supported Marketing Department. As I was progressing throughout the 6 weeks, I was learning more about what I was doing and advancing in the things I could do. Before I had absolutely no knowledge of the technology mobile marketing works with and even now understanding the basics and how ads get on my phone it fascinating. If you are thinking about doing an internship, I suggest going for it.

Q: Have you had any previous experience? How did you like it?

A: I did an internship before at my family’s company, which was very different to what I experienced in Berlin. Firstly, exploring a new city and living here has been great (just a little cold). Secondly, it was so interesting to see how the team works together, an energetic group of people. The size of the company and the teams is great because everyone knows each other, and the communication is smooth. The atmosphere is pretty laid back and the office is beautiful as well.

Q: What was your most memorable experience during your internship?

A: I was lucky to be here when TAB was celebrating its 3rd Birthday Anniversary. We had a nice evening at the Berlin HQ where we all got together with a cake, drinks and snacks, played games and talked. I found out more things about my colleagues and got to see their personalities in a different setting.

Q: What are your plans now?

A: I am looking forward to graduating the business school and hopefully working in a startup again. I am also interested in entrepreneurship, but we will see with time. For the time being, after my time in Berlin I am going for a week to London, and touring Ireland and Scotland, before coming back to Nashville.

Q: What are the 3 places people have to visit in your country?

A: Oregon, it is exceptionally beautiful, if they had more precipitation, they would be considered a rainforest. Nashville, it is great for country music. Austin, it is very southern but has a startup vibe, something interesting to experience.

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