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MAX Summit 2019 Highlights


Whether you are gearing up for an upcoming mobile marketing conference, missed this year's edition or researching what events to attend this year, we have put together the highlights from MAX Summit in South Korea that happened at the beginning of this year. Sooah Lee, a Senior Advertiser Manager has visited MAX Summit once again, compared it to last year and talked about the focus on performance marketing and creatives.


MAX Summit 2019 has lasted for 2 days and featured 52 speakers and 2000 attendees in 2019.

Compared to last year’s MAX Summit, this edition had an emphasis on edu-tech and its potential. Some of the featured speakers included Tutoring and Classting where they explained in detail how they became who they are in such a short time and this trending phenomena. Another interesting topic covered at MAX Summit 2019 was travel, talked about by companies like Yanolja, Triple and My Real Trip. Those companies discussed their marketing strategies from branding to performance and the insights of how they were able to grow 150%-200% in this saturated market. Some of the other verticals that were introduced and studied included finance and accommodation, in addition to more traditional gaming and blockchain.

At this event, more focus was on performance marketing and the creatives. Many speakers stressed out the efficiency and effect of usage of good creatives. The importance of creatives has been widely communicated and what impact it has on campaigns, impressions and overall results.

Joycity stood out with their marketing strategy. They have studied the strategy of a leading organization in the same vertical, Machine Zone, and forged their own way to deal with the massive data they have accumulated over the years with the same principle of <One Vertical, One Genre>. Joycity had previously worked with many different genres in the gaming industry, now they focus on strategy genre only, producing many mega hit games such as Ocean & Empire and Pirates of Caribbean. Their usage of data to create per stage (mixture of Facebook, Google, and Ad Networks based on the time passed since the launch), per geo (not just KR but globally), and per event (updates and seasons) strategy was truly mesmerizing.

MAX Summit 2019 was the second year TAB has attended this conference and we were pleased to see the growth and development it achieved this year compared to last. The next event we are attending is Affiliate Summit Europe where we are looking forward to meeting you.


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