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Life at TAB: Melanie Cotarelo


Meet our Ad Operations Manager, Melanie Cotarelo, who works from our HQ in Berlin. She has joined TAB by doing a 6 months internship and is now part of our team. Read about how she grew into her role, how her responsibilities evolved and what was her first impression of TAB.  


Our Q&A With Melanie:

QYou started working at TAB with an internship first, how did that go and what exactly do you do now?

A: Yes, I started with a 6 months internship, that was really great, I worked in Advertiser Management and Publisher Management. I got an opportunity to try and decide which team I would like to be a part of. Since I was working in different teams, different departments gave me tasks and challenges, so I learnt a little from everyone. I think this really gave me an advantage to also learn so much about the industry and quickly advance in my knowledge. I had a lot of freedom, I could choose between tasks and shape my own day-to-day activities with guidance from management and colleagues. As the time went by, I received more responsibilities and chances to grow as a professional.

One of my main duties is working with reports and I actually enjoy it (laughing). I work on helping Publisher Managers, Advertiser Managers and Business Intelligence teams at TAB to optimize their performance.

Q: What’s your previous work experience and did it prepare you for TAB?

A: I was working a lot with Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Marketing, SEO and data. TAB gave me the necessary training to work in mobile advertising and taught me how to use new programs and software I now work with.  

Q: What is your favorite memory with TAB?

A: Has to be the summer party, people from offices all over the world flew in to our HQ in Berlin, I met the whole team, we worked together face-to-face and had fun.

Q: How would you describe the atmosphere we have at the office in Berlin?

A: I remember my first impression of the atmosphere at the office when I was waiting for my interview, I heard people singing at the office, and I thought “people must be happy here”. This really gave me the feeling of a “team” and it held up to be true. Everyone is supportive and understanding in their work. I would describe TAB as a young spirited, goals oriented and friendly community.

Q: What are the 3 places people have to visit in your country (Spain)?

A: I would recommend to visit the region in Spain where I am from and these places: Asturias, Gijón and Lake Enol.

Q: What are you watching on Netflix?

A: Elite, Black Mirror, Stranger Things.

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