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Life at TAB: Maria Cristina Bassoli


Maria works at TAB's office in Berlin as an Influencer Marketing Manager overlooking all of the influencer marketing campaigns. She told us what she thinks about this industry and where she sees her future.


Our Q&A With Maria:

QWhat does your typical day look like?

A: I am in charge of influencer marketing at TAB. My daily tasks are essentially based on working with campaigns by understanding the objective of the brand, the campaign (CPI or CPA), the objective of TAB, putting together a list of possible influencers, etc. Then I also take care of influencer scouting, scanning the profiles to fit the company and the brand we are working with. Influencer marketing is a relatively new service at TAB and it is a great opportunity to grow our influencer network, evaluate what is working with the apps and maintain the relationships. The influencer can really affect the image and reputation of the product/service, so it is important to also guide them through the process, implementation of the campaign, briefing and share all of the available information, impacting the success of the outcome.

Q: Where do you see your future and the future of influencer marketing?

A: I really do see the future in influencer marketing. My interest started from my enthusiasm and passion for blogs and YouTube videos and at the beginning it was not even called influencer marketing yet. I was lucky to have had an opportunity to start from the outset. Many people these days are skeptical of this industry because it is a bubble, but I think it is something in evolution and the whole landscape will become part of our lives. It strongly depends on the development of technology, but I see my passion in becoming more of an expert and working closely with influencers. It is very common now to work with influencers as they have a great B2C audience and we are a link between them and the companies. There is a lot of potential for finding more solutions and exploring influencer marketing. It would be great to have more people in the team working on influencer marketing as well.

Q: What is your favorite memory with TAB?

A: My favorite memory has to be from the very beginning of my journey at TAB, must have been during the first week when my colleagues and I decided to cook homemade lasagna at work. It was such a little thing but really made me feel like part of a family and helped me adjust to the new work environment faster.

Q: Before making the final decision about joining TAB, you visited our HQ in Berlin. What were your first impressions?

A: The first thing I remember thinking when I visited the HQ in Berlin was the aesthetic of the place. I met several people from the team and everyone was very calm, professional, explained everything promptly. The setting was cozy and modern. My impressions were true to its nature as I started working and right away connected with people with common interests. An important point here as well was that my expectations and job assumption were clearly discussed, and I knew exactly what I was going to be working on. A major plus in switching industries is learning about a new field I did not know much about.

Q: Before working at TAB what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

A: I was working as a tourist guide on cruises in Italy. I actually did not know so much about the history and details that tourists were asking but I had to improvise and be very flexible, was quite a fun experience.

Q: What are the 3 places people have to visit in your country (Italy)?

A: Rome, Rome, Rome. Pigneto, Monti neighborhood and Colosseum.

Q: What are you watching on Netflix?

A: Girlboss, Haters Back Off, Chewing Gum.

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