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Life at TAB: Lauren Murray


Lauren Murray has just celebrated her 1-year anniversary at TAB so it was a perfect time to share her interview as part of the Life at TAB series. Lauren is the Advertiser Account Manager in Santa Monica’s office, USA. She has told us about her interesting working history and what future she sees for TAB.


Our Q&A With Lauren:

QHappy Anniversary Lauren! Now that you have been at TAB for 1 year, can you tell us about what you have been doing before and how did you end up working as the Advertiser Account Manager?

A: Thank you! Sure, I have had several different jobs, like working on a cruise ship in video production in Alaska, hosting TV and cooking shows in college, and working at a college station in Las Vegas. Then I have lived in New York for 7 years,  working in radio and television advertising but when I moved to LA I wanted to switch to digital advertising. I really wanted to work in a startup and both of my visions had come together at TAB.

Q: As TAB ticked all of the boxes of what you were looking for in a job, did TAB meet your expectations?

A: Working at TAB is a lot more different than I was expecting, in a better way. It is more challenging, with more responsibility and taking actions on my own. We get to attend a lot of shows with traveling to different parts of the world, meeting new clients and building connections.

It was also a new experience for me to work so closely with an office overseas. It starts different because we have 1 hour with Berlin office before they finish work so it is quite intense at the beginning and we need to make sure the communication is very efficient because we do not have any time to waste.

Q: What are your aspirations for the future?

A: I see my future in growing with TAB and taking more responsibility as the time goes, I have a future goal of leading a team. As for TAB itself, I think it will grow in more countries as it is already doing because DSP+ will change the way companies do their mobile advertising. I can see TAB continuing to be a working place with a friendly atmosphere and a startup feel with a similar culture we currently have.

I am very happy to see when new people join our team and how we all fit together. It will be nice to continuously have more interns as well who have some experience in the industry, to bring new ideas and give them more experience that I did not have when I was starting in digital advertising.

Q: What is a memory you have with TAB so far that always makes you smile?

A: I think it has to be our new office in Santa Monica next to the beach. We used to share a space with other companies but now we have a standalone office. We still have the open space we all enjoy but we also have a conference room. The best part was the creation of everything. We have painted the signature TAB blue color on one of the walls, covered parts of walls with decorative bricks, got a basil plant and more. We were making all of the decisions about the new office together as a team and of course it took forever to make the final decisions and go with it, it was still very exciting and everyone had fun.

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