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Key Factors for Successful Account Management

Couple years ago I entered (with great enthusiasm) the Digital Advertising industry. Looking back, I never thought that this business would be such a complex ecosystem where building relationships is one of the key factors in becoming successful (especially since in the digital world you cannot have regular in person meetings with you partners).       It has been (and still is) a great experience with many up moments of excitement and unfortunately also some stressful ones. As a result, I wanted to share my personal experience on what it takes to become a successful account manager, build strong relationships and maintain (and grow!) your partners portfolios:

Communication, Communication and Communication (people in Real Estate use the same for Location, Location, Location J). Without this personal trait, one should not consider a position in sales or account management. Partners’ require daily (effective) communication to know that their needs are being met. It’s impossible to evaluate the progress or quality delivery of any project without it. Sometimes, all it takes is to properly listen to your partner, to improve the relationship.

Proactivity, do always more then you’re paid for! That is my (and our company’s) motto. Meaning, don’t settle for mediocre services, become familiar with each partner and their business, in order to unlock opportunities additional revenue streams for your partners and yourself.

Delivery, on time, as promised and don’t settle for less. Your partner needs to know that you have their best interests at hart and that your commitment to deliver will surpass their expectations. This will translate into customer satisfaction and reoccurring business.

Solution Orientated, lets face it, hardest part of our industry is the lack of transparency, honesty and (as a result) mutual trust, giving opportunity for problems to occur on frequent basis. However, one must understand that for every problem there is a solution, so instead of focussing on the negative, try and resolve the situation as fast as possible, be open and if that does not succeeded at least learn from it and make sure not to make the same mistake twice.

Organisation / Time Management, one of the biggest pitfalls of our industry is the lack of focus. Account managers need to manage their schedule effectively, prioritise tasks and rearrange when necessary to get the job done.       These key aspects, I personally found to have a profound positive effect on my performance as a sale and account manager. There are of course different ways to succeed, however keep in mind that it’s not an overnight process and that the most important thing is to never stop learning and improving your skills, only then you will grow. 

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