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Introducing Qverse CORE: Our in-house developed Performance Marketing Solution

Qverse is excited to announce the official launch of our in-house developed 360° Mobile Tracking-, Programmatic Media Buying- and Campaign Management Platform: Qverse CORE.

Our highly secure and scalable Mobile Performance Marketing Solution offers advanced analytics, automated post install event optimizations, APIs, campaign and inventory automatization and many more features.   

Learn more about it in our Q&A with our CEO Matthias Lesch and COO Andi Sava:

1.       What is Q-CORE? 

Qverse CORE is our in-house built 360° Mobile Tracking-, Programmatic Media Buying- and Campaign Management Platform. Our PaaS based system is a highly scalable solution that enables us to efficiently buy, track and optimize inventory, media and campaigns. Compared to SaaS, having our own technology enables us to react fast to market changes and provide dedicated solutions to our clients. CORE is our latest product which besides the before mentioned products also features a high-performance anti-fraud solution.

2.       What unique product features does it have and how are our clients benefiting from it?

Our tracking and media buying solution is built on 5 principles: Security, Performance, Reliability, Replicability and Scalability. In simple terms it means that we can have a flexible and cost-effective scalable solution that enables us to develop new products in record time. CORE offers advanced analytics and reporting features, automated post install event optimizations, APIs, campaign and inventory automatization, predictive analytics, etc. Besides that, CORE provides great tools for publishers to scale their revenues and to make their administration activities super easy.

Since the launch of CORE, more campaigns and budgets have been delivered to Qverse. This positive affect in increased budgets (+247%) is highly driven by the filtering and anti-fraud solutions of CORE that has enabled our clients to drive high quality users to their apps and increasing significantly their ROAS. 


3.       What are your plans for the near future?

As global data-driven mobile app install company, we will put all our effort into further developing technology that both responds to market trends and customer needs in this rapidly growing market environment. Besides further developing our technology, expanding with new offices in South East Asia, we are also looking into diversifying our products and services. For instance, we highly believe that social media channels will play a major role in driving high quality users to mobile brands and as such we are now testing the first products and partners that will be able to drive at scale the campaigns of our partners. All in all we are confident in our team and products, which even though the current market situation, will help us achieve a successful 2020.

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