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Choosing the right Video Ad Serving Platform

Video is one of the fastest growing segments in the digital advertising field. Consumers tend to engage at much higher rates with video content and the related brands and products when non intrusive video ads are shown. This relative new market brings opportunities also for ad networks that wish to diversify their revenue streams and bring added value for their supply and demand partners.       

As such, I will share with you some recommendations of the TOP Video Ad Serving Platforms that you can use yourself to enter (and become successful) in the „Video Marketplace”:

LKQD™ (Liquid Media) is a leader in independent video advertising, acts as a self-serve platform and is one of the most popular and most used video ad platforms, offering best-in-class ad serving, mediation, and programmatic capabilities on all screen types. They can effectively manage video monetization across desktop, mobile-web, mobile-app, and connected TV, and are compatible with VAST and VPAID (very important, and all here listed providers have this compatibility).

StreamRail is a unified platform that can easily be integrated across desktop, mobile web, mobile app, and connected TV. They apply to good effect an automated yield optimization engine focused on realizing highest eCPM’s. Now part of Ironsource, they have strong in-house capabilities for solving complex technological challenges involving massive traffic. As such, StreamRail became one of the most used video advertising technology platforms.

ONE by AOL, Formerly Known as Adap TV, ONE Video Ad Platofrm is another highly used platform for Video publishers and advertisers. They sustain multiple video ad response types (VAST 2.0, VAST 3.0, VPAID Flash, VAST Wrapper, VPAID JS) for an effective end-to-end video solution. In this, a significant amount of data is included for their clients’ benefits, enabling the programming of the right video content with the best advertising. 

Beachfront.io is a programmatic video advertising platform, that is know for a strong Inventory Control, User Friendly Dashboard and real-time precision targeting. Their SDK integrations enable Beachfront to cater for a wide range of video ad types and to monetize their content. Their Video SSP (Supply Side Platform) offers app developers and publishers a User friendly environment to optimize their eCPM’s across many video ad sources.   

There are of course also other examples such as Cedato(X), Springserve, Verta Media, etc. however since space is limited, I have personally chosen the ones that we ourselves and our partners use the most frequent. Last but not least, before selecting any Video Ad Serving Platform, it is key to:

Establish your exact objectives, type of partners and environment (desktop / mobile);

Calculate your budget and business model;

Analyse which platforms offer trial periods and extensive custumer support;

Decide wether to use one or multiple (recommended) platforms. 

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