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Characteristics of a good U.A. (CPI) campaign?

Being a digital marketer on the supply side for over 2 years now, I have been asked frequently by our publishers what good performing campaigns are.

As you might know, the answer on that question heavily depends on several factors such as:

  • Inventory Source / Channel;
  • Targeting & Re-Targeting Capabilities;
  • Campaign Vertical & Geographical Compatibility;
  • Historical Marketing Efforts (has the campaign been promoted across other channels);
  • Delivery Model (CPM to CPS, with the latter one being the most difficult to monetize), etc.     

In order for publisher to achieve good results (=revenue) all of the above must be in sync.  Additionally, publishers need to make sure that their objective to create maximum revenue at the lowest cost is achieved. Something, which in our opinion can only be done with the right tracking tools, demand partners and communication.      

If we look back in the last 12 months, we have been able to analyze in great depth using our in-house built performance marketing system, what campaign characteristics did especially well for Cost-Per-Install campaigns:

1. Well-promoted campaigns with a large Monthly Active User (MAU) database. Preferably, the campaign has had some branding effort before hand being promoted on performance basis.

2. Free Apps in Generic Verticals such as Social Gaming, eCommerce, News,Betting and Lifestyle Apps (Taxi Hailing, Hotel Bookings, Sports, etc.) campaigns outperform by far more paid apps or free apps in more niche markets (for example Finance).

3. For TIER 1 countries, payouts above $1.00 is an absolute must as below that the conversion rate and eCPMmust be at high levels to reach profitability and competitiveness with other campaigns.

4. Budget, daily caps should exceed 100 installs to reach scale and attract the right publishers.

5. Frequent Quality Reporting (2 to 3 times per week) are needed to make fast optimizations (whitelists) on the sub sources that deliver the highest quality and therefore ROAS for the Advertiser.  

6. SOFT KPIs, while it’s absolutely understandable that the advertiser only wants to pay for the highest qualitative results, attracting direct inventory with HARD KPIs (meaning the publisher takes the risk for inventory loss AND revenue loss) is difficult to say the least. Therefore campaigns with SOFT KPIs outperform the HARD KPI ones, already due to interest of direct inventory.

7. Rebrokered Campaigns; while there are no (big) issues to run such campaigns, we point out that it’s also important to know the risks involved, such as; broken links, slow reporting, loss of payout, loss of transparency and so forth. Therefore, good campaigns are the ones that didn’t move hands more then 1 or 2 times.      

The DCypher Media team, has based on the above adapted their strategy for a narrower search for quality campaigns. It has delivered us a significant improvement in traffic volumes, sales & revenues and most importantly; we went from an overall chargeback rate of 10% to only 0.5% in a matter of three months!     

Think of these results next time you search for CPI campaigns and I am certain that you will get the same great results as we did!

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