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Best of 2018


With the beginning of the new year and strategy planning for the upcoming 12 months, we did not forget to reflect on 2018 and where it brought us. Last year was yet another full and busy year with some very prominent steps along the way. Let’s look back together on what has happened with TAB in 2018.

The year started off for TAB with an expansion into Asia and an office in Seoul, South Korea. Our team grew and so did our presence in more countries. It was a challenge but already being present in Germany, US and India at that time it was a natural progression as we already had several clients in that region. The big plans of expansion and creating hubs for widening our operations took us to the move of our Indian office in Bangalore to New Delhi and growing the team there as well. Shortly after, it was time to headway our American hub to San Francisco from Santa Monica. It is better connected to events, travels and most importantly, our clients.

Along the way we had an amazing summer party in Berlin HQ, enjoying an “American” themed Hawaii BBQ with softball, cornhole and horseshoes games. We were happy to see the competitive side of the team and how excited they were to make a home run.

September 2018 marked the opening of TAB’s 5th office in Tel Aviv, Israel and the acquisition of TAB by PIA Group. It was a huge step in the history of TAB to join a leading data-driven marketing service provider in Germany with a network of over 700 experts in 10 companies. This partnership added a significant value for our existing and new clients and helped us to keep growing in mobile performance marketing. By acquiring TAB, PIA Group added considerable resources to their expertise in mobile and in-app business which added value to the group as a whole.

Currently, TAB is present in 5 different locations around the world allowing us to provide a 360-degree approach to our clients and partners. With 30 professionals from 18 nations we are working towards growing more in 2019 and we have some big things coming up this year, you want to be a part of.

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